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Industrial Area


A detailed analysis of location from the county through the neighborhood and down to the specific street.

Cafe Exterior


Our local field departments locate properties below their market value prices.


The analysis department thoroughly analyzes every prospect deal on our table.

Analysing data


Legal support, Title search, insurance, and a Deed recording

Closing a Deal


Managing and conducting renovations in all aspects.

Business Meeting


We obligated to deliver the most comprehensive and
professional management service that exists in the market. 

What's Includes?

  • Populate the property – a thorough financial check for every potential tenant includes a credit check, salaries check bank statements, and VOR, sign the lease agreement, and collect cash securities in advance. 

  • Rent collection – Collect the rent monthly and deposit it into the investor's bank account.

  • Maintenance – GSN Management is the address for our tenants. Our staff and experts take care of all the issues that may occur in the properties.

  • Eviction – fortunately, because of our detailed tenant financial screen, the eviction process does not happen very often. When it does, we use all necessary means to evict a tenant using eviction attorneys, court, and the local Marshalls.

  • IRS – GSN Management helps every foreign investor to submit his tax report with our CPA Avni&Fogel.

  • Monthly reports with full transparency   

  • Execution  Sell the property

  • The next step  Locate the best next property with the most attractive location during the time of acquisition

Glass Buildings

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