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PIM- Progressive Investment Model

Investment model that combines real-estate cash purchase at a lower price than its market value together with short-term funding.

Cash purchase- buying real estate using cash allows the investor to purchase the property at a low price. Since 2006, G.S.N Equities main specialty is to locate the best cash-purchases in the market, such as:

  • Properties that require improvement 

  • Sellers eager to sell

  • Inheritors need to sell

  • Properties in foreclosure

  • Off-Market deals

  • Collaborations with local professionals


G.S. N’s biggest advantage is being an American real-estate company- the local entrepreneurs who do not require middlemen.

The company’s New York and Tampa field divisions affiliate with local professionals such as banks, lawyers, constructors, whole-sellers, and real estate agents daily, those links help to find the best cash deal on time.

Funding- the collaboration between the investor and G.S.N Equities allows the investor to receive future funding for his investment meaning that after the property was improved and rented for a year, the investor can get an Equity loan from a local bank and continue to invest in the next property.

High yield- purchasing real estate in cash, future funding, and purchasing more and more properties, increases the investor’s portfolio, improves cash flow and profitability, and helps the yield progressively grow, hence the model’s name- PIM-Progressive investment model. 

Low risk- The PIM allows investors with the initial capital of only $100,000 to full partners in dozens of properties purchased and managed fully by G.S.N Equities.

Positive income-After three years one of the options the PIM allows is to sell part of the properties and return all the initial capital to the investor, leaving the investor with a new portfolio of properties and mortgages that still produce positive income’ even after returning all the initial investment.

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