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Buy & Hold

Buy & Hold

Purchase of a single-family or a multi-family with a number of rental units.

  • High returns

  • High potential of increased value

  • Thorough management from a local Management company

  • Acquisition below market value

  • Designated area- chosen specifically to assure a full occupancy of the property

  • Investments starting from $10,000

17 years of experience has led us to locate properties at a significantly lower price than market value, manage the property portfolio in the most professional way and find the best opportunity to sell the property at the highest profit.

Before acquiring, each investor receives a simple report contains:

  • The address of the property

  • Pictures of the property and area

  • Our business plan and the reasons to purchase the exact property

  • Structure of all costs of the purchase

  • A predicted annually P&L Report 

  • Comps report- comparable properties sold in the area up to a few months prior to the purchase

  • Rental report- comparable property rentals in the area.

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