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Our Story

In 2004, the two Co-Founders of G.S.N Equities, Victor Nissim and Offir Rodan, came to New York and
started working for a local real estate company. It was a very prosperous period for

the American real estate industry, and starting from real-estate agents, they rapidly proceed to a management position.


Our Beginning

In 2006, G.S.N Equities was established, started purchasing properties

substantially below its market value, renovate and sell for a market value price.
The Sub-Prime crisis in 2007, made a remarkable shock to the American economy in general and to the
real estate market in specific. For G.S.N Equities it was the opportunity to penetrate the market by
purchasing real estate on a larger scale.
The learning skills and experience that the partners gain through this recession period reflects up until
today with every deal made.

Our Process

In 2009, Offer Rodan returned to Israel and established the Israeli branch to open the door for Israeli
investors to invest in the American real estate market. G.S.N Equities by then had 30 employees
including real estate analysts, field agents and recruiters, sales agents, marketing division and a
Management Company.
Since 2010, Hundreds of investors purchased properties in New York City through and with G.S.N
Equities that supply management service with dedication and the highest level of professionalism.
In 2012 G.S.N Equities started building an apartment complex in Central Brooklyn, NY in order to sell the
properties for a significant capital gain for the investors.
GSN Equities founders and analysts conducted very comprehensive market research to find a new
location for investments. This research leads to the Tampa Bay area in West Florida as the best location
for buy-and-hold real estate. Dozens of G.S.N Equities existing investors joined the company’s
incredibly unique investment model in the Tampa Bay area and already enjoys the high CAP benefit since
Local Real-estate investors, as well as investors from Israel, Canada, Europe, and China, has already joined
and purchased properties with G.S.N Equities in NYC and the Tampa Bay area.

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